[RIP] A Chinese ‘Rooftopper’ Has Fallen to His Death While Scaling a Skyscraper, This Kid has done many Videos but Somehow he Lost his Grip

T he famous ClimberWu has fallen to his death while scaling a 62-story Skyscraper in the city of Changsha.
At the time of his fall, this video was of a rooftopping challenge with the prize of 100,000 yuan ($15,000 USD) money he much needed as his mother was dying sick and he planned to propose to his girlfriend the day after the challenge.
Really sad to see, i cannot imagine the pain and heartbreak of his family and his girlfriend.

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The roof & side panels appear to be polished stainless steel or aluminum – very slick – the roof panel slopes to the outside, he seems at first to be checking for handholds that are well beyond his reach once over the side. He has some sort of ‘gloves’, guess they weren’t ‘sticky’ enough, or at all. Doesn’t seem to have sticky climbing shoes either.

He should’ve had people present to spot him in case he got too tired to pull himself up, even this kid has done many videos doing pull ups, never was a problem but somehow he lost his grip.. Poor thing.

(Weibo/ Wu account)


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