The Real Reason why Youtube Rewind 2017 has More than 1 million Dislikes (PEWDIEPIE)

T his wasn’t that great, i would of thought there would be youtubers! Don’t know why there is the All Star Song that came out along time ago.
I was really hoping to see a bunch of youtubers in this (Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Game Theorists and Ryan Higa) they put so many youtubers that people don’t know in this rewind, most of them are random Youtubers and the ones that people actually wanted to see were given 2 seconds of screentime.

Like Viral Expoo on FB:

They worked with celebrities that only use YouTube as a way to sell there song and most of them don’t even support YouTube.

The most influential part of YouTube 2017 was when Pewdiepie responded to WSJ after they made false allegations against him, i know pewdiepie made a mistake but i don’t know ANYONE that has taken what pewdiepie did offensively.

It’s really sad that this year he is not part of it but he got paid anyways.. Lol, he is the biggest creator on this website and should have been on Rewind, and why do they include logan and jake?
Jake has mentally abused his dog with a TIGER, and Logan accuses everyone with something!
They should not have been in Rewind.


📺 Watch : YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017



My favourite moment was ksi, because i thought he was gonna get hit by the train

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